Wedding at Cana Coloring Pages


Jesus Christ is sent by God to be present with us, and to communicate with us in divinely profound ways. God's deeds enter our hearts through Jesus Christ's humanity, and through Mary's presence, and the results are as surprising and pleasant as the experience of the host who did not know who he had invited to the wedding, but who, nevertheless, received unexpected blessings from the presence of Mary and Jesus, an invitation that might have been due to ties of kinship or friendship.Before He changed the water into wine, Jesus had not performed any miracles, and there were few who really knew who He was or the significance of His mission. He went to the wedding because He is in favour of intimate human relationships, and because the integrity and devotion of the family attracted him. By his attendance, Jesus introduced God into what otherwise was an unremarkable family celebration. «This miraculous sign was the first, and Jesus performed it at Cana in Galilee» (Jn 2:11) and it was also there where the Messiah «opened his disciples' hearts to the faith, thanks to Mary, the first believer» (John Paul II).Let us, by exercising our faith, move closer to this example of the human behavior of Jesus, thus coming to know and imitate his human dimension as far as we can, learning to love more and more, as we listen to his word, ever growing in faith and trust, until we come to see the face of theFather in him(