Jesus calms the storm Coloring Pages 


The “sea” being crossed by Jesus and his followers is the Sea of Galilee, so the area they are moving on to would be the present-day Jordan. This wouldtake him into territory controlled by Gentiles, pointing to the eventual expansionof Jesus’ message and community beyond Jews and to the Gentile world.During the trip across the Sea of Galilee, a large storm comes up — so large that the boat threatens to sink after so much water has entered it. How Jesus manages to stay asleep though this is unknown, but traditional commentaries on the passage say that he slept deliberately in order to test the faith of the apostles. If that is the case, then they failed, because they were so scared that they woke Jesus up to find out whether he cared if they all drowned.A more plausible explanation is that the author of Mark has Jesus sleeping out of literary necessity: Jesus’ calming the storm is designed to evoke the story of Jonah. Here Jesus is sleeping because the story of Jonah has him sleeping down in the ship. Accepting such an explanation, though, requires accepting the idea that this story is a literary creation by the author and not an accurate historical narrative.Jesus proceeds to end the storm and restore the sea to calm — but why? Calming the storm doesn’t appear to have been absolutely necessary because he rebukes the others for not having faith — presumably, they should have trusted that nothing would happen to them while he was around. So ostebsibly, had he not stopped the storm they would have made it across just fine(