Jesus Feeds 5000 Coloring Pages


When Jesus instructed his disciples to give the people something to eat, they argued with him. They looked at their own resources and saw no way to feed the crowd. But with Jesus, there is always a way, and he is it. (John 14:6) He wanted his disciples to look to him as the solution, but instead all they could see was the problem. If you believe, there is nothing that God can’t supply or do. Stop looking at circumstances. Read the Bible and know that all things are possible if you believe in Jesus. There is no limit with your unlimited God!The disciples found a boy willing to share his lunch of 5 small barley loaves and 2 fishes. Jesus took that small gift and thanked God for supplying food for the crowd. He had faith that there was enough for everyone. God can take the smallest seed and return an overflowing harvest.After over 5,000 people ate and were satisfied, they still had 12 baskets left over! God cares about even the most ordinary of your needs. He gets no glory from His children suffering in poverty, sickness or lack. When you place your full trust in Jesus, God becomes your source. When you trust Him, you will have abundance in every area of your life!The Bible doesn't say what happened to all the leftovers, but I would like to believe the boy that shared his lunch went home with a basket full of food and a memory of Jesus that changed his life forever(